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Could you be the model we are looking for?

Elite Colours is a fully accredited training company for permanent make up.

Practicing on real skin is important for students to be able to learn the art of permanent make up in a real life situation and setting, so we are always looking for models for our course and classes. If you would like permanent make up at heavily discounted rates, you could be the model we are looking for!

What does being a model involve?

We have two model options. The first option is to be a live model for trainer demonstration and the second is to be a model for our students. Model appointments are a two part process comprising of the initial treatment and a following touch-up appointment.

We only allow our students to practice on live models once they have reached a level on practice pads to be competent and confident enough to do so. Our students are fully supervised throughout the procedure and given expert guidance and advice. In the unlikely event of there being a problem during the treatment, the trainer will step in and complete the procedure.

How long does it take?

The initial treatment will take up to three hours, so please allow plenty of time for your appointment. Because the treatments are part of the student’s learning and development, we will also need you to be patient during the procedure so that the trainer can fully engage and guide the student while they work.

You will need to attend the appointment 15 minutes before the treatment is due to start so that you can complete the necessary forms, and for pre-numbing cream to be applied.

The second appointment is the touch up procedure, where your treatments can be fine-tuned and adjusted where necessary. You will also need to arrive 15 minutes before the treatment is due to start for the pre-numbing cream to be applied.


  Initial Touch-up Total
Trainee £50 Included £50
Trainer £150 Included £150
Trainee with Trainer touch-up £50 £100 £150
Qualified Technician £295 Included £295

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