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Aqua & Velvet: What's the difference?

Hi Everybody! Welcome to our first blog post on our new website! Today I will attempt to answer, what is one of our most frequently asked questions; what is the difference between the Aqua range and Velvet range from Li.

So what is the difference?

 Aqua is a cream, water-based formulation, whereas Velvet is a glycerin based formulation. For this reason Velvet will be thicker. However, since both are manufactured at LI’s facilities, there is no problem with mixing the 2 different formulations together. Keep in mind to mix thoroughly to keep the mixtures of the glycerin base and water base together. We do not recommend or advise to mix pigments from different brands. Aqua is a great all rounder and will produce great results every time on any application, using any technique including microblading. Velvet tends to be used for applications with more specific requirements.



Aqua is a water based formulation. It is highly concentrated with a nice creamy base. This formulation works very well with all skin types, and with all different types of machines, including the digital, rotary and the coil. It also works well with the hand method. Aqua is not a quick drying formulation but it will dry quicker than Velvet because it is water based. If you are a slow worker you may prefer Velvet. Aqua works with all skin types but the Velvet was formulated to work best on dry skin types.



Velvet is a glycerin based formulation. It is of the same concentration as Aqua. It also has a cream base but slightly creamier than Aqua because of the carrier and manufacturing processes. This formulation works very well with all different types of machines. However, it does work best with the hand method due to it being a thicker consistency. Beginners tend to work slowly at first and therefore may also prefer the Velvet formulation due to it staying wet longer. Some technicians find it too thick for machine use especially if a single needle is being used. Velvet will stay wet longer, when compared with Aqua, due to the added glycerin. Velvet works well on all skin types, however it does not work as well on oily skin types because of the glycerin base. Due to the added glycerin in Velvet and the fact Li uses a high grade, kosher and vegan glycerin. Velvet is more expensive than Aqua.


Both formulations are highly concentrated. Choosing which range to work with can depend on your clients skin type, the method you are using, and ultimately whichever range you are most comfortable using. If you work slowly, you may prefer Velvet because of its slower drying time. Aqua is a faster implantation and faster drying time because of its water based properties. Aqua can also be easily thickened with vegetable glycerin, which is also available to purchase on our website.



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