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What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing to create the effect of make-up, designed to enhance facial features. The treatment is permanent, though some treatments may fade over time, and during the process an ink is injected below the epidermis with a small tattoo tool.


Many people visit us for treatments because medical treatment has changed how they look – for example, losing eyebrows due to a course of chemotherapy – and we can use micropigmentation to create realistic, full eyebrows, which improves the confidence of our customers. We also use this treatment to thicken out the appearance of eyebrows when our clients experience thinning of hair through the menopause or from damaged caused by over-plucking, which we all over-committed to in the 90s!


We can also use micropigmentation to create permanent eyeliner – brightening and opening up the eyes without the hassle of applying makeup every day – or to add lipstick or lipliner to define lips, again creating a subtly enhanced look without the need to apply makeup every day – both a great way to look your best and get a little lie in every morning!



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