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Brows - shape & style

Your brows enhance the shape of your face, giving a visual beauty and balance. Natural, sleek looking brows can be tricky to perfect and permanent make up will take the time and effort out of creating that flawless look.

We have a range of options to create beautiful brows that are fuller and perfectly styled, giving symmetry and finesse all day, every day.

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Four Paths to - perfect brows

Ombré brows

The Ombre effect is created by diluting the fronts and fading out the tops to give the look of a smudged pencil brow with a translucent finish. The subtle use of shadow creates the illusion of denser hair, imitating a complete brow which when healed will blend with the natural hair, creating a beautiful effect. A perfect choice for clients who have little to no brow hair and want a soft natural fuller look; Ombre Brows are also a great choice for clients with oily or uneven skin where hair stroke techniques can’t be achieved.


Microblading is the latest trend in permanent make up. It is similar to micropigmentation, but instead of being tattooed with a rotary hand piece, a fine blade tool is used to place fine hair strokes throughout the brow.

Microblading is the perfect choice for clients who have some hair already and are looking to add shape and fullness to their natural brow. We take care to match the pigment to your natural hair colour to blend the fine strokes with your brow hair to create a natural fuller look. While the microblading effect doesn’t last as long as conventional permanent make up, the finished effect is worth it.

Hair Stoke 3d brows

Hair Stroke brows use fine strokes and shading to create the 3D effect of a fuller natural looking brow.

Colours are carefully selected and blended to create a stunning effect. This is the perfect choice if your brows are thin or sparse or you want a more youthful look.

Hair Stroke mist brow

The Mist Brow is the brow for everyone, suitable for all skin types and clients. Hair strokes are creating using a rotary machine then carefully blended to give an ultra-soft finish combined with the hair strokes still visible behind. This technique gives you full, beautifully shaped brow for those who want hair strokes, without any gaps between them.



What To Expect at your appointment

Eyebrow treatments take up to 1 ½ hours. They start with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your expectations and work together to choose the perfect brow colour, taking into consideration the tone and colour of your natural skin, hair and eyes.

Together will discuss how you want your brows to be before creating your individual template. We will draw the template whilst looking at the shape of your face and your natural brows to make sure they are drawn to best suit you as an individual and create the perfect result.

The treatment itself uses the highest quality pharmaceutical grade pigments and high quality rotary or microblading tattoo equipment to gently infuse the colour lightly into the top layer of your skin, mimicking the natural brow hairs and shape to create your desired effect. The treatment is mildly uncomfortable, with a sensation similar to that of threading or tweezing the brow area. We will use a pre numbing cream to keep the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Occasionally, we discover that clients aren’t suitable for micropigmentation. If this is the case, we’ll let you know straight away and you won’t be charged for the consultation.

After your appointment

After treatment, you may feel some discomfort and you will look slightly red around the brow. There may also be a slight white mark around the brows where the numbing creams have numbed the area. Both the redness and white marks should subside within two hours, however if you have very sensitive skin, you may experience some light bruising or redness lasting slightly longer.

You will be given full aftercare, soothing balm and advice on how to look after your new brows. A touch up appointment is included in your price.


  • BROWS any style£295
  • Retouch 1 - 3 Months** FREE WITH BROW APPOINTMENT **
  • Retouch 3 Months£50
  • Retouch 6 Months£75
  • Retouch 12 Months£125
  • Retouch 18 Months£150
  • Retouch 24 Months£200
  • After 24 Months£295




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